Fun Picnic Ideas for Fun Picnics!

Ok you've decided to go on a picnic and you're wondering - what's next? Need some picnic ideas to help you get started? A reason to gather your friends or family for a meal?

Consider the time of year and who you want to invite. Is it warm and sunny? Chilly with shorter days and and colorful trees? Is there a holiday coming up? Are you inviting family? Friends? Neighbors?

Here are some picnic themes featuring seasons, holidays and different types of group gatherings....

Group picnics:

Group picnic photo

  • Family picnic - gathering family anytime, anywhere.
  • Family reunion picnic - extended family and exactly who is your third cousin twice-removed?
  • Company picnic - relaxing with co-workers and the boss.
  • Tailgating picnic - kind of like car camping.
  • Church picnic - Sunday afternoon fun and frolic.
  • Neighborhood picnic - block off the street and get to know your neighbors!

Seasonal picnics:

  • Spring is here. Trees and flowers are budding and the temperatures are warming up.

  • It's summertime! - Let's get out of the kitchen and into the great outdoors.

  • Fall weather - Crisp air and gorgeous fall foliage create a perfect backdrop for a picnic.

  • Can you have a picnic in winter? Yes! Bundle up and be sure to pack something hot to drink.

Holiday picnics:

  • Memorial day - kick off your summer with a picnic honoring our servicemen.

  • 4th of July - celebrate freedom with parades and fireworks and a red, white and blue theme.

  • Labor day - what a great way to end the summer and celebrate a day off from work.

  • Valentine's day - love is in the air...and in Valentine picnics - either romantic for 2 or fun for the whole family.

  • Mother's day - give Mom the day off from the kitchen and treat her to a lunch outside.

  • Father's day - this one is for the guys - no flowers allowed.

Other picnic ideas:

  • Old fashioned - sack races, lemonade and wicker baskets.
  • Indoors - who says you have to go outside for a picnic?
  • Cheap - picnics don't have to cost a lot.

For more fun picnic ideas, be sure to check out the menus and ideas for romantic and outdoor picnics.

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